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Next Painting ?

Drawing for my next painting.

Drawing for my next painting.

. I haven’t painted in some time due to lack of inspiration.
I usually try to paint something that will challenge me or that which I want to hang. Thus far none of my painting are worthy of my walls. In time I suppose I will go back after much practice, to each of my past poorly executed works and bring them up to a presentable state.
So I welcome Buddha to my next of many practice drawings and paintings studies.

Practice Oil Paintings and Sketches

By Madison DuVeau

By Madison DuVeau

I know I’ve been away a while, but I have been studying to better my skills. I love the process. This is some of what I have accomplished so far. Painting from photographs are not best. Painting from life with natural light would be ideal. Portraits with smiles are just plain goofy. It’s difficult to find photos of people NOT smiling.

From oil to GraphiteI started drawing this piece with no idea of what it was going to be. Why?   I read somewhere that when painting, it’s  best to lay down a stroke, leave it alone, and go from there.  Maybe good for painting, but NOT with a medium such as graphite.  Graphite does not wipe away as oil colour does.  One lacks the benefit of going back 20 minutes in to the drawing and changing one eye or a too high eye brow.  I pushed the gum eraser into the paper so hard and nothing. The misplaced line was still there to stay.  I realized he had no ears. Oh no! And no neck. Hummm.  Ahh , a raise the scarf, and weirder hair.  We’ll you get my point.  Practice, practice , practice, learn, learn, learn.

Meet Rita (sketch)

Sketch by Madison DuVeau

Rita a Sketch by Madison DuVeau

Anyone studying portraiture knows getting a likeness has everything to do with the eyes.  Most tend to make the eyes too big.  Knowing this fact I seem to have made them just a bit too small.  To correct this, I closed in the sides of her face at the end with the hair to disguise a fatal mistake .

Picture: From 10 Most Beloved – Street Art Utopia …!!Posted by Lara

From 10 Most Beloved – Street Art Utopia …!!

10 mostPosted by Lara. I found this on Flip Board.