That’s it. I quit. I’m over this.


Statue of St Francis

Statue of St Francis

The battle is over. St. Francis wins.  Nah, I just have to paint in the cross in his right hand.  We have worked together long enough.  This is weird. I have a tendency to save a little bit of everything in case I should ever run out. Like that last ounce of shampoo or hand cream and so on. It seems to me, I may have done the same thing with painting. Quitting just before it runs out so to speak.

“I’ve always thought of painting as some kind of gift. And as a gift, there is a duty that comes with it: to push painting as far as you can. Artists serve society simply by producing a good painting. And that’s the hardest thing in the world. People think it’s a lark. It’s not. “. (Sonia Getchoff)

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